Are your BELIEFS creating a happy, peaceful life or a life of rigidity and pain?

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Are your BELIEFS creating a happy, peaceful life or a life of rigidity and pain?

I have come to understand that Beliefs are everything!

What you believe you create, it is that simple.

Have you ever really asked yourself…what beliefs are serving you in your life?

What beliefs are holding you back?

Where did these beliefs even come from?

We develop our beliefs about the world due to many factors, generally they are impacted by where you grew up, your parents and what they believed about the world, from your school and your friends, the political view of the adults that you grew up around, your culture, religion, siblings, teachers, role models, and the list goes on.

Your beliefs create your state of mind and your mind is powerful, it is so powerful that it dictates your life, health, relationships, and how your experiences unfold and how you perceive them.

When we have rigid beliefs about the way something should be, we usually end up in pain. Rigidity is resistance, and resistance will shut you down, block the flow of your life and stop any miracles from occurring.

In A Course In Miracles, it states:

Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.

I know personally that what ‘goes wrong’ for me is I go into FEAR, I dive deep into the chaos of ego and align with beliefs that are not helping me to grow or shine or relax.

Beliefs like, I should be a better mother, I can do everything, I don’t need to ask for help, my house needs to be perfect, my family should be more like this…etc, they go on and on.

Another example…

If my husband or my son does something that I deem to be silly, ‘not right’, unnesessary or dangerous, I can quickly find myself rigidly standing by my belief around what I think is the right way, the better way, the spiritual way.

It instantly leads to pain and suffering, comparison and judgment. Being right is a dangerous desire.

Being happy is a far more peaceful intention to hold.

You see, it’s not WHAT happens in life that is so important, but rather how you FEEL about what is happening.

Imagine someone close to you behaves in a way that doesn’t feel right to you, you have 2 choices, you can become rigid, get irritated, confront them with defensiveness and likely end up in conflict. Or you can accept, surrender and choose to see the situation and them differently. This doesn’t mean putting up with situations that are not good for you, unhealthy or even dangerous, but it does mean that you deal with the situation from a very different internal place, a place of clarity, inner calm, non-judgment and connection.

You can deal with the situation in front of you by connecting to your internal guidance system, a system born from love and ease.

How do you connect with your inner guidance system? How do you change the beliefs that are holding you back?

You take some time each day to connect with your inner world, you breathe, meditate, listen to inspiring music, walk in nature, practice yoga and slow down. You do this again and again and again. Every day, just as you breathe and eat and drink we must also make time to connect within, to clean up our internal energy and release that which is keeping us tight, unhappy and tired. Find something that you enjoy and do it often.

 Relaxation will open the door and help you to release stuck beliefs.

Is this easy, hell no!! Have I got it mastered? Definitely not, just talk to my husband…but I am conscious, I am working on my energy, and I am clear about how I want to live my life.

With beliefs that serve me, help me to grow, shine and fill me with joy!

I was at the calmbirth conference last week, calmbirth is a childbirth education program developed by Peter Jackson that I’ve had the pleasure of teaching for almost 8 years now. Peter was sharing with me a story about a young person that he had been working with in order to help her change her beliefs and therefore her reality.

He had shared with her this simple and powerful suggestion…

 ‘You cannot change the winds, but you can direct your sails’

This resonated deeply with me.

We can never control the circumstances of our lives, other people or the way in which the natural order unfolds, however we can control our inner world and we can direct our sails!

I’d love to hear your stories of growth, beliefs released in order to move forward, how you’ve changed your mind and stepped more fully into your life.

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