Try this one tip now and change your day

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Try this one tip now and change your day

Keep it SIMPLE!

Use your everyday life as your spiritual practice.

I’m a mother, wife, business owner, lover of a ‘tidy’ house and someone who feels reasonably busy, hmmm, no at times very busy!….I often find myself wound up in a frenzy! Does this feel good? Sometimes, yep it does! But mostly NO! It feels tight, restricting, inflexible and stressful.

I’ve found by keeping things simple and using my everyday activities, I’m able to make small changes, that have been leading to bigger changes, that are creating major shifts and huge realizations…yeh!

Your whole life is fertile ground.
You are in creation all the time!
Think about what you are planting, what thoughts, what feelings, what seeds of intention are you weaving into your everyday?
Is it what you want to grow?

Your present moment is this powerful! It is the ultimate spiritual practice!

Yes meditation is absolutely wonderful, as is yoga and lighting candles and incense and journaling and all sorts of other practices that I love & would highly recommend.
However, what you can do today, and everyday, and especially on the days when you didn’t get on your meditation cushion…..

is practice being conscious and aware of your everyday moments and what you are bringing to your daily-ness!

So simple! So obvious, so accessible to us all.

A question I started to ask myself…..

What energy, feeling, vibe am I weaving into all that I’m doing, saying and creating?

You see it really does matter what you’re thinking and feeling as you get out of bed, or make your child’s lunch, as you pay your bills or peel the vegetables, it will absolutely have an impact on how your day unfolds, on your energy, your mood, your pysche.

Think for a moment about the energy you have been bringing to your morning shower or your first cup of tea, cooking your dinner, washing the dishes, writing an email, sending a text, walking on the beach, or when you put your child to bed.

Begin by simply raising your awareness in each moment by asking yourself at the beginning of any of these activities….

How do I want to feel as I walk on the beach, as I put my child to sleep, as I cook my family dinner, as I write this email?

Create the intention you desire and then let go of the outcome.

Bit by bit you will notice the changes that your presence brings to seemingly ordinary activities that have the potential to make your life extraordinary!

Impotant – This is not a recipe for always being happy!! No no no!
It’s simply a strategy for presence and awareness.
Often when we become aware & present, we find we’re not so ‘happy’, or peaceful or relaxed. This is part of living in the present moment. You then get to choose what energy, thoughts and feelings you WANT to bring to your everyday.

Wishing you a rich and PRESENT day!


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