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“My beautiful, peaceful birth experience is one I will treasure forever.”
– Caroline


Enjoy a Relaxed Pregnancy and Birth with the Calmbirth® Weekend Course


Giving birth is a transformational experience. Many women describe their experiences of childbirth as being spiritual, uplifting, and the uncovering of a deep, inner power.

Hi, I’m Lauren Falconer, I’m a registered calmbirth practitioner, senior doula, specialised prenatal yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mother. I wholeheartedly trust in your ability to birth your baby.

I believe with the right preparation, all women have the skills to birth in a peaceful and positive way. I am passionate about teaching mothers and their partners how to find and embrace their natural strength. I know that I can help you create a POSITIVE experience. Preparation is the key, read on…


What is calmbirth®?


Calmbirth® is a birth education course that will prepare both you and your partner for a wonderful birth experience . It focuses on your inner capacities, teaching you how to use these inner resources advantageously, and eliminate fear & stress. It is based on a philosophy developed by midwife Peter Jackson.

You learn the physiology of a labouring body, the importance of feeling relaxed, safe & supported, and how this helps you to birth your baby more efficiently, effectively and creates positive experiences for both mother and baby.

I introduce couples to practical skills such as relaxation, breathing, visualisation and massage. I share with women and their partners techniques on how to access their inner resources and the power that comes with learning to listen to and trust our own bodies.

By developing faith in ourselves we can let go of the tension that so often hinders women from enjoying the incredible and empowering journey of birth.


How calmbirth® Can Help You


Calmbirth® classes help parents understand how a woman’s body is designed to birth a baby naturally and how with preparation, communication and support a woman can approach labour with a confident and positive mindset.

Birth is an opportunity to transcend; it brings us into being on many levels.

Embracing labour and developing the confidence to have faith that our innate inner wisdom will help guide us through the birthing experience and the miracle of life is invaluable.

I am committed to helping others learn how to approach birth with such positivity. There is nothing more amazing than a calm and gentle birth and the joy that such a rich, bonding experience brings for the mother, her baby, partner and family.


What You Will Learn from the calmbirth® Weekend Course:


  • How to alleviate the fear and tension of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • How to access your own inner resources and strength
  • Simple Relaxation, Breathing and Visualisation skills.
  • Massage for labour and birth
  • How a woman’s body is wonderfully designed to birth her baby.
  • The importance of beliefs and attitudes about birth & how these can profoundly affect a couples experience.
  • The importance of bonding with your baby and how this can impact your child’s life.
  • How to parent consciously.
  • To be empowered to create the birthing experience you dream of.


Lauren Falconer


I have been through intensive trainings with Peter Jackson, the founder of calmbirth® and believe strongly in a mothers ability to birth her baby calmly and gently.

I have been teaching calmbirth® for over 10 years and am extremely confidant and passionate about sharing my knowledge and empowering mothers and fathers to create a positive, joyful birthing experience. I am completely invested in helping couples to feel more relaxed and empowered, and for babies to be born with awareness and consciousness.


Course Details and Inclusions


My calmbirth® weekend course runs once a month. The class will be held conveniently in the heart of Double Bay at the Bay Room. 45 Bay Street, next to the Cosmopolitan Centre.

The optimal time to book your class is between 24weeks and 37weeks of your pregnancy. However, I have had couples come at 38 weeks and have absolutely loved attending this close to their birth.

The cost of the course is $550 ($150 non-refundable deposit) per couple and includes;

  • Food provided for morning and afternoon tea over the weekend
  • All materials worth $50
  • The calmbirth® booklet
  • 2 CD’s to use as part of your ongoing preparation at home

Important: Cancellations and Changing weekends

  • There is a NO cancellation policy 2 weeks prior to the weekend you have booked, and NO refunds 2 weeks prior to the weekend you have booked, unless you have gone into labour.
  • There is no swapping into another course 2 weeks prior to your booked weekend.

I thank you for your understanding as the venue is booked, materials ordered and others generally on a wait list to attend the weekend.



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What Others Say About Lauren & The Lifepod Calmbirth® Weekend Course


“Hi Lauren, I feel FANTASTIC after the calm birth weekend with you :) I loved every single minute of it and am trying to convince everyone I know to do the course!
Thank you so much for such an amazing weekend – I feel so excited and prepared to give birth now, I also feel a lot more connected to my babies, I guess because I am no longer apprehensive :) thanks Lauren, you are awesome :)”


“The whole birth experience was nothing short of incredible – I’ve often heard you say that labour is hard work – my description would be that labour is HARD, HARD work! But it was absolutely beautiful – Matt and I feel we had the most perfect experience we could have wished for.There is no doubt in our minds that calmbirth gave us the skills and the mindset necessary to have such a great birth – we cannot thank you enough for the work you did with us and with me at yoga.

Best of all our little Luca is a calm baby!”