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Prenatal Yoga

The prenatal yoga classes at The LifePod are unique and incredibly special, designed by Lauren Falconer, Senior Doula, calmbirth practitioner, health coach and mother. These classes assist women in moving calmly through their pregnancy, to embrace the birth of their baby feeling confident, prepared and relaxed, equipped with real tools to assist in creating a positive birthing experience.

Women develop their own natural inner resources to create the focus & patience that is necessary to move through any birthing experience and transition into motherhood confident and awakened.

This is a transformative time for all women and there is much courage to be drawn upon, much vulnerability to be explored and friendships to be made. These classes help to prepare you for one of the most important experiences in life, the birth of your baby.

“The prenatal classes gave me the strength, knowledge and confidence to birth my baby in any circumstance.  Attending  these classes on a regular basis allowed me to practice my calm birth techniques and  physically strengthen my body in preparation for labour. Each class would allow me to connect with my baby in a uniquely beautiful way. I would always leave each class ready to embrace the world.
I was very fortunate to have a wonderful natural labour. I truly believe that my incredible birthing experience was due to my diligent practice and appreciation of the prenatal yoga classes at the LifePod.”

Postnatal Yoga

Enjoy yoga with your baby, in a gentle and relaxed environment. These classes have been designed with our babies and mums in mind. We begin with a massage for your baby and then move gently into a practice for mums. We then come back to bubs and very much include them as part of the experience. This is a time to cultivate connection between mother and baby, develop our ability as women to give back to ourselves and also to have fun with our little ones and each other. There are times when mums will stop and feed, drink some yummy tea, join back in when they are ready and really follow what is working for them on the day. This is an open, relaxed and easy space to come in to with no expectations, anything go’s and we are happy to flow with what is. Babies, cry, laugh, even yell loudly when they are finding their voices, it is all welcome at The LifePod.

Private Birth Support

Lauren Falconer offers private birth support sessions, exclusively designed around your personal needs and requests.This includes a 2-3 hour ‘in house’ session, (if viable with locations – otherwise we use ZOOM) plus Lauren’s Spirit Birth online program to help your ongoing preparation and valuable support, plus a 1 hour follow up zoom session. This follow up can be before birth or as a much needed postpartum support session.

This package is $600

Areas of exploration can range from:

  • Understanding a woman’s birthing physiology,
  • learning to create an environment that will support this physiology,
  • birth as a spiritual experience of transformation NOT just a thing we have to ‘get through’,
  • birthing with more confidence and ease,
  • how to be with intensity without panic,
  • learning to dive into the pleasure and rest phase of labour,
  • the map of labour (stages)
  • breathing techniques,
  • active birth positions,
  • massage,
  • navigating the medical environment,
  • releasing personal fears,
  • practices to help your ongoing preparation,
  • releasing accumulated stress,
  • helping partners understand the role of ‘birth support’
  • AND…helping partners themselves feel prepared to hold this space,
  • and postpartum healing.

Lauren believes in empowering couples with the right information and skills in order to create a positive and relaxed birth experience.

Birth transforms a family. We need to embrace this fact. If we don’t, we all hit a wall at some point.

Bring back the celebration and joy in birthing a baby. These in house sessions are so incredibly beneficial to you both and help you prepare in an intimate and bespoke manner.

You don’t have to sit at birthing classes for an entire two days to receive what you need.

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