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Calmbirth Weekend Course

“My beautiful, peaceful birth experience is one I will treasure forever.”
– Caroline


Enjoy a Relaxed Pregnancy and Birth with Lauren’s Spirit Birth One Day Retreat.


This one day course offers so much…

Suitable for couples or Mama’s to attend on their own or with their chosen birth support partner. A unique offering in the birth space, shared over one day in person with further ongoing support as you move through your pregnancy and postpartum.

Designed to prepare you for all the ways birth can unfold and ultimately create a positive and rich birth experience for all. 
Spirit Birth offers practical, science based – highly relevant information along with exploring the spiritual dimensions of birth and the profound rite of passage into parenthood.

(This program is deeply grounded, not ‘fluffy’ or woo woo. ‘Spirit’ refers to our whole self and our ability to embrace all the ways birth can unfold and the rite of passage for parents)

Ongoing support is a unique part of this program and a must, which is why we have an extensive online program that each participant can gain access to along with 1:1 support after the day.

This one day course will teach you simple, effective tools along with neuroscience & age old practices that will help create optimum physiology for ALL birth.
You will discover more about the journey into becoming a mother and why postpartum care is so important, especially in our world today.


We focus on practical tools that offer effective support during birth such as:


Breathing techniques – specifically for times of intensity, between intensity and during second stage labour. All of which assist the body in birthing effectively. Along with breathing techniques that can be used through ALL birth experiences.

Massage – during intensity, between intensity, plus massage and touch that will help soothe a mother during any birth experience including cesarean birth.

Birthing Positions – It’s very important that a mother and her partner are fully aware of how they can move, what will make a positive impact on both mother and baby, equipment that can be used and what options are available with the room

Optimal positions for mother and baby – ways you can help your baby engage in your pelvis and birth with more ease.

The importance of your Birthing Space – learn simple ways to create a space that helps your body produce the hormones necessary to birth with more ease. It’s vital that a mother feels at home, relaxed and comfortable in her chosen space.

Being with Intensity – we practice how to be with intensity before birth – without going into panic, and build your confidence to breathe though discomfort whilst staying in a space of acceptance.

The mind / body connection.

Beliefs and why they are so important to understand, and change where necessary.

Basic physiology of the uterus and what helps it to function.

Hormones and how we can enhance the ones we need both pre and postnatally.
• Meditation and the power of Visualisation – and how to support yourself in the lead up to birth 
and postnatally.
• Yoga (asana) – simple practices and ways to move that will offer support, relief and stability.
• Your partner will learn how to support and hold space for a woman to birth. This is absolutely 

Investment is $250 per person and includes:

One day in person program 10-5.30pm. Morning and afternoon tea.

1 x private 60 min Zoom follow up birth preparation session with Lauren.

1 complimentary prenatal yoga class at The LifePod for Mums

1 complimentary general class at The LifePod for partners

1 x Essential oil care package

Spirit Birth online course available at 80% off on the day of the course only. Reduced from $297 to $60


Lauren has 12 years experience as a birth doula & calmbirth educator, 15 years teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga along with extensive yoga & meditation training, 8 years working 1:1 as spiritual guide and mentor to many women, along with her own journey as a Mother to her almost 13 year old son.

Discover why pregnancy holds so much potential for personal transformation and why it’s such a potent time to do this inner work.


Cancellation of an In Person Spirit Birth day:

Please note $125 per person is non-refundable.

Refund of the remaining balance is dependent on circumstances and time of cancellation. **NO refunds or change of course dates 2 weeks prior to the commencement date of the course**


What happens if I go into labour before the day?

If you go into labour before the date of your scheduled course a refund of $200 per person will be given, alternatively you can use the funds for other services (Please provide a Doctors certificate)


Giving birth is a transformational experience. Many women describe their experiences of childbirth as being spiritual, uplifting, and the uncovering of a deep, inner power.

Hi, I’m Lauren Falconer, I’ve taught YOGA for 16years, birth education for 13 years, I am a senior doula, specialised prenatal yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mother. I wholeheartedly trust in your ability to birth your baby.

I believe with the right preparation, all women have the skills to birth in a peaceful and positive way & partners can be equipped to support. I am passionate about teaching mothers and their partners how to find and embrace their natural strength. I know that I can help you create a POSITIVE experience. Preparation is the key, read on…



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What Others Say About Lauren & Spirit Birth 


“Hi Lauren, I feel FANTASTIC  :) I loved every single minute of it and am trying to convince everyone I know to do the course!
Thank you so much – I feel so excited and prepared to give birth now, I also feel a lot more connected to my babies, I guess because I am no longer apprehensive :) thanks Lauren, you are awesome :)”


“The whole birth experience was nothing short of incredible – I’ve often heard you say that labour is hard work – my description would be that labour is HARD, HARD work! But it was absolutely beautiful – Matt and I feel we had the most perfect experience we could have wished for.There is no doubt in our minds that your course gave us the skills and the mindset necessary to have such a great birth – we cannot thank you enough for the work you did with us and with me at yoga.

Best of all our little Luca is a calm baby!”