4 steps to happiness!

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4 steps to happiness!

4 easy steps to happiness


It’s simple really, happiness is in every moment as long as you’re in it! 

So many of us are so busy, on the go, climbing the ladder, getting ‘stuff’ done, making money, spending money, buying our happiness, downloading our happiness, planning our future, analysing our past, and striving for that next thing. I’m guilty, 100%, and I’m also done with the pressure! I’m choosing something else, consciously each day. 
I don’t want to be in the grip of fear and panic, I don’t want to move through my days unconsciously, living from the past and reacting rather than experiencing. I am committed to living with presence, joy, peace and truckloads of faith and LOVE. All leading to happiness…..

Here are some suggestions, these have helped me and I hope they help you today:
4 simple ways to bring more joy into your life!

Happiness = Being mindful

1. Be in your sensory experience, especially when you feel stressed, anxious or completely overwhelmed. Feel your body, delight in the air touching your skin, the sounds received by your ears, the feeling of this strong, supportive earth beneath you. Know that you are supported.


2. Breathe…..OMG we need to breathe! Just stop and take three deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Notice how good it feels to soothe your nerves and create some space and presence. There’s no striving here, no effort and nothing to get right, just breathe and do it often.


3. LOVE – lean into love, know that you are taken care of, that you are so much more than this human experience, that there are endless possibilities, as long as you are LOVING and not FEARING! Then you will receive all the guidance and support that you need. Fear blocks us every time. Be profoundly aware of your thought forms, what ever you think, you create. Think love, create love, be happy.


4. Trust and have faith. Faith in yourself, faith in a higher power, faith in reality, that the present moment is not wrong. That you are exactly where you are meant to be even when you want to scream, ‘why me’!!! When we go back to love we will be guided, through a situation, in another direction, we will receive the support we need, receive the teacher we’ve been waiting for, read the book that changes everything. Trust your divine nature, everything we need is within us and around us. 

What a magnificent world we live in!