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{The Soul Coach – Lauren Falconer}


Coaching Special

Holiday Special! – I’m offering 3 powerful one on one sessions leading up to the holiday season and into the New Year, including spirit/soul coaching, yoga and meditation for just $400 – details below.

I absolutely LOVE working with women finding purpose in their lives whether it be women in transition or women in the prenatal and postnatal period.

I support women in need of loving guidance, inspiration, support and nourishment. Self care and spiritual connection is absolutely vital through our whole lives, & without a doubt, essential through the pre and postnatal period. So much of our energy and attention is being given out to our families, our children, partners, work, running a home… and all the rest. We must make time to prioritise ourselves and commit to living a whole, happy, inspired and abundant life.


If you’ve been feeling: overwhelmed, exhausted, emotional, unhappy stressed, agitated, tight, stuck in a rut and easily reactive….


These sessions will help you immensely to:

Regain a sense of self, increase your energy levels, develop relaxation and a strong and loving connection with yourself and your present moment. Become clear, passionate and willing to step into your life fully. How wonderful would it feel to wake up every morning and look forward to living your life knowing that you are no longer buffeted around by what goes on outside of you. It’s all possible with a little guidance, some time out, space to be heard, to laugh and cry, move and breathe.

Take this time, YOU DESERVE IT! I’m offering as a SPECIAL leading up to the HOLIDAY season, a 3 session package of soul coaching for $400 normally $500

Email to secure your place, bookings will be limited so jump in and put yourself first


What others have said…

‘Since completing Lauren’s course I have wholeheartedly begun a new chapter in my life. Lauren helped me to reassess my diet, daily habits and ways of thinking, and taught me how to access my inner wisdom. The sessions were so inspiring and I came away from each one feeling excited about the positive changes I knew I could make. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels they are at a point where they need a gentle shove in the right direction and the knowledge and tools to help them get there’.  – Helen Saunders


Hear from Lauren…

My journey with soul work began when I was very young, however over the last 10 years I have dug deeper, studied, practiced and found a whole new way of being in my life, being with myself, my passions and my family. I now feel like I know how to navigate the ups and downs, I know what practices will help me through the day, how to connect with my intuition and be led by my inner guidance system. I know how to listen to the callings of the seasons, our earth and the rhythms that nourish and support me. 

When I got really honest with myself a few years back, it became very clear that I didn’t feel connected, inspired or healthy and hadn’t for quite some time. After having my son and starting a business I found that I often felt exhausted and overwhelmed, I never felt like I had enough ‘time’.

Now I live each day knowing that I have the opportunity to do the work, to connect within, to come back home and be open to the miracle. Is it easy? Absolutely not! And I am far from perfect…but I am living in a way that is conscious and far more loving and this is what I desire, a life filled with possibilities, joy, and deep connection, peace and relaxation.

It is my passion to help other woman reclaim their souls purpose, to feel full and connected, to be brimming with confidence and health.  – Lauren

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Lauren’s Experience…

Lauren is a spirit/soul coach, a doula, registered calmbirth educator, a shamanic midwife in training, Founder and Director of The LifePod, yoga teacher for the past 12 years and mother. She specializes in working with women in the Prenatal period, with new and busy mums and with women in transition. She is dedicated to living a spiritually connected life, healthy and happy!

Lauren is honored to work with woman as they create their own path to connection and wellness.

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