How to Shine your light & shine it bright!

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How to Shine your light & shine it bright!

Go from chaos to peace, stress to joy, anger to love xx

There are many times through each day that I come up against my FEAR based egoic mind, it is strong, powerful and seductive! It can easily take over and begin to steer my ship, directing my course, and taking me to a place called ‘CRAZY TOWN’.
Sound familiar?
It’s a sneaky thing, it creeps up and then BAM….I’m lost in a whirlwind of crazy thinking, feeling stressed and angry, consumed and disconnected!
Then….the moment of consciousness arrives, my inner teacher steps forth, my intuition rises up and I SEE the truth, and I SEE the way out.

What is the way out???

BLASTING the crazy, fearful thought with light! SHINING your light so bright that darkness dissolves, the chaos drops away and presence arrives…sweet, sweet presence x

Here’s how this played out for me this week…

I had one of those situations come up, you know the kind, that make you want to immediately pick up the phone and download to your sister, friend, partner or anyone that will listen. The kind that make your mind race and your belly ache.

So I watched myself, with passionate interest, I tried my very best not to indulge my EGO, I didn’t pick up the phone….I breathed, I saw the truth, I felt my ego pulling me in, I resisted, fell in, climbed out, blasted the thought, smiled, and in the struggle was reminded that this is my choice.

I’ve been here thousands of times, millions of times. As a mother I have been challenged like I never thought possible! I know now the important thing is not that I don’t go to ‘CRAZY TOWN’, but how quickly can I see that I’m in a place I don’t want to be. How quickly can I recognize that this is not me, how fast can I turn around and find my peaceful center.

‘Make your choice’! This was the guidance that came loud and clear!.

‘How much time do you want to spend in this icky energy, in this life sucking, light dimming chaos??’

NONE!! I internally screamed!

So, I got to work shining my light. I got to work getting present and real.

I do this everyday, and I’m talking many times a day, and it’s taken me a while to develop a faster turn around time, but I’m well on my way and it is powerfully helping me create a more relaxed, joyful, connected and happy life!
It’s helping me to raise my vibration, shift my perception and see the world, people, myself, situations differently. There is huge power in being able to change your mind!
It creates MIRACLES!

Let me help YOU shine your light too! Learn to recognize the chaos more quickly and come back home to your true self, to peace, to love, to connection!!

CREATE A LIFE OF JOY, PASSION & PEACE – It’s all possible when you raise your consciousness, get present and get to work!
JOIN ME for my inspiring monthly class where I combine my favourite things:
Coaching – Yoga – Meditation.

This month we will look at how you can shine your light, how you can find more presence and how you can live a life that serves you, your children, your community and the world!

When: JULY 4th 10.30am -12pm
Where: The Bay Room Double Bay 45 bay Street, Between the patisserie and mecca cosmetica.
Investment: $25 or you can use your 10 class pass
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Lauren xx

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