Mantras – How to change your mood in seconds…

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Mantras – How to change your mood in seconds…

Hello beauty….

Changing your mood can be so simple…

Today I’m sharing a simple every day practice that can help you move from overwhelm to calm.
For years and years I found myself overwhelmed with self doubt, worry, and thoughts that created a low vibration, thoughts that didn’t feel good and certainly didn’t create the feeling I desired in my every day life.
I still of course struggle with self sabotage and my powerful ego voice, but it has certainly become easier to come back to a place of grounded connection through simple practices and daily rituals.

Kids, work, families, deadlines, activities, expectations… can all become a pool of endless busyness and mindlessness.

However, when we PAUSE and cultivate daily our simple ‘self care’ practices it changes everything.

The PRESENT MOMENT opens up – where all creative possibilities lie, where all real connection and inspiration flows. Life can be busy and full and incredibly enjoyable when our inner world is being taken care of.

Its not what happens outside of you that’s having the greatest impact, it’s how you respond to whats happening outside of you.

So, one of the practices that has helped me so much over the years and one that I see helping so many of my gorgeous clients and especially pregnant mothers preparing for birth, is… MANTRA.

Mantra can be translated as a tool of the mind. Repeating either a sanskrit mantra or simply something that resonates with what you desire is powerful.
Your body acts in accordance with your mind, and what you focus on expands.

In moments of craziness, tension and stress, when the world feels constrictive, impossible or just busy and mildly overwhelming….take a deep breath and use one of these mantras below. Repeat it calmly to yourself as you breathe. You might say the mantra as you breathe out, or as you breathe in, or both.

Make up your own, or find a sanskrit mantra that holds the vibration that serves you.

Sometimes I’ll just repeat, ‘I can do this, I can do this, I can do this’.
Smiling often helps :)

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Perhaps you print out these mantras or stick a post it note next to your bed, put it on your screensaver.
Help yourself to bring it easily into your life.

These practices don’t need to be complicated or fancy, it really is a simple and generous act of gifting yourself with your own attention. Taking it into your everyday life, cultivating presence as you walk down the street, eat, as you shower, as you tuck your little one into bed at night, as you cuddle your beloved or your pet!

I’d love to hear from you, let me know if this works for you or anything else that you might be struggling with or would like ideas around.

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Love and blessings always, Lauren x