Surrender? How do we do that?

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Surrender? How do we do that?

What does it mean to surrender?
This is something i’ve been pondering for some time, actually many, many years and especially since becoming a mother.
What does surrender look like, feel like, sound like??
Some things that have come up for me are…
Going with the flow, getting out of my own my own way, allowing others to be exactly who they are without the need to change them, staying out of other peoples business, questioning stressful thoughts, giving up the fight!
I’ve come to realise that surrendering is about coming home, finding that deep connection within ourselves, to our divine nature, opening to that divine nature in others, allowing myself to be human and celebrate my intense emotions but realise that’s of course, not all there is.
But How do we lay down our swords? How do we go with the ever flowing FLOW?? How do we get out of our own way?
We get PRESENT! We get IN the flow. Breathe, let go of the past and controling the future and we step into the power of NOW.
It takes practice, consistent, dedicated practice, just as all other habits that don’t serve us so well, took consistent practice to fine tune, you know the ones that are keeping you out of the FLOW!

I encourage us all to breathe, to pause, to take more time with ourselves, family, friends, our bodies and feelings.
To not fight, push, strive or prove that we’re right.

To be…..and let the stream of life take us in whatever direction is needed for our evolution.

At the end of the day we’re going in that direction anyway, it’s just either going to be easy or an enormous struggle…time to choose!

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