Want what you want

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Want what you want

Change your life – be yourself, ask a few simple questions.

As we lead into the ‘silly’ season, can we be brave enough to ask ourselves…‘What do I want?
How do I want to feel?
A question that the inspiring Danielle La Porte is famous for asking.
Giving myself permission to want what I want hasn’t come naturally, in fact most of the time I’ve been confused about what I want, and find that I’ve needed outside permission from others to say, ‘yes, that’s okay to do that’. Not an empowering place to be.

HOWEVER, I’m ready to know what it is that I truely want! I know in order to go there I have to get real, honest, vulnerable and ask the hard questions! I have to go out on a limb, know myself, be willing to upset others and still hold my ground.To know what it is that I am DEVOTED to, deeply and profoundly, what excites me, makes me happy and inspired. What makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning!

This is all BIG and I know it takes some serious reflection, meditation, journaling and getting still. Listening to your inner wisdom, the voice within, the guiding compass that wants to lead us to our highest expression, a loving life, presence and power. Yes please.

As I encourage myself, I encourage you to question, what it is you want, how you want to feel? What is that calling within you? It’s getting back to those big feelings we had when we were younger and could take on the world, do anything, be anything, travel anywhere! What a liberating, spacious experience that was. What I begin to realise is that we can still have those feelings…whether we run businesses, have children, run a household, have a mortgage, work in the corporate sector, own a dog! We can still feel expansive, free, open, inspired, powerful, happy and spiritual.

It comes back to asking the questions, knowing yourself, being honest, living YOUR dream, saying NO, getting help, speaking your truth and rocking your unique awesome self.

As we all know, there is no-one else out there quite like YOU and this is the perfect time of year to be inspired to create. A new year just around the corner, new possibilities and new beginnings.

It’s all food for thought….

Wishing you a day full of whatever you desire,

Lauren xx



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