Prenatal Yoga will help to transform your birth

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Prenatal Yoga will help to transform your birth

Prenatal Yoga – why is it SO amazing! Why should you do it…?

I LOVE teaching prenatal yoga, seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

I love everything related to pregnancy birth and motherhood! The LifePod, my business, was born as my son was born 8 years ago, what a gift he brought to me!

I was, back then, an actor, and in many ways still am, however I am now working as a Doula, calmbirth educator, spiritual coach, prenatal yoga teacher, and a shamanic midwife in training, as well as a blogger and on line business owner, currently creating a spectacular program for pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga – Imagine….

A room full of blossoming goddesses!

Sometimes tender, sometimes fierce, sometimes exhausted, emotional, excited, relaxed and always happy to have arrived on the mat for that special and sacred time.

I think of what Jane Hardwicke Collings writes in the beginning of her amazing book, Ten Moons…

‘Your inner journey of pregnancy is there waiting for you. It is a journey of self discovery and trust.’

Every week I see women coming in to my classes for this journey of self discovery, feeling all sorts of emotions, grappling with many changes, other peoples expectations, their own expectations, wondering what on earth it will be like to be a mother, or a mother of three!

It is a time filled with questions, reflections, growth, letting go and transformation of the most tremendous kind.

I know this, I’ve felt this, I’ve been the women going each and every week to my prenatal classes, they were my sanctuary, to say the least!

From this understanding and deep knowing it’s my intention at each class to create a safe and welcoming space for mothers to feel at home, loved, respected, honoured and nourished.

For them to know that there is no judgment, no ‘have to’s’, they can show up as they please and work through whatever is surfacing on that day.

They can drop whatever they’re carrying, the ‘to do’ list, the work, the self imposed deadline, the mental chatter, the doubts and worries, the feeling of having to ‘hold everything together’.

They can just BE….What a relief.

This really sums it up…Why is Prenatal Yoga so amazing?

Because it creates a space of BEING for mothers, and their babes within.

This BEING brings relaxation, acceptance and an ability to surrender. The more we practice this, the more we are able to BE this.

As an experienced doula, I’ve been at many births, & know how important it is that mothers can BE, let go and trust the process of birth. If women have prepared through pregnancy, this happens with much more ease throughout their labour.

If you can trust yourself through pregnancy and be guided by your intuition, your deep inner voice, then you will have the same courage and strength throughout labour and birth and beyond!

 Many people say, relaxed mother, relaxed baby. I would have to agree and this is another reason why prenatal yoga is so wonderful.

 Babies in utero are in the current of everything their mother experiences.

When mothers are more relaxed, babies are more relaxed, their brain is being bathed in oxytocin (the feel good hormone) rather than adrenaline, (the stress hormone).

Prenatal yoga is yoga for baby too, how wonderful!


The benefits, and why I would shout to the roof tops….

‘Do PRENATAL yoga through every pregnancy!’

It will….

  • Provide a space for you to become more comfortable with your changing body and changing life.
  • Relieves all sorts of tensions and stresses that your body has absorbed.
  • Teach you how to breathe through labour and birth.
  • Help you to become familiar with positions that they may use in labour and in the lead up to birth.
  • Develop your strength and capacity for intensity, most important as labour is a beautifully intense transformation.
  • Enhances acceptance and surrender to the profound changes that are occurring on so many levels, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • Prenatal yoga teaches you to listen to your inner guidance, your INTUITION. The voice within that will guide your way.

It is a gift, a blessing, a way to prepare for this incredible experience of birth, but most importantly it provides a gateway into the present moment. Into bliss and joy, trust and transformation.

 Move your body, welcome your breath, feel yourself deeply and enjoy the presence of this divine being within. It is a short 9 months, savour every moment!

Join me for my prenatal classes each week.

Here is a link to my website and timetable:

Or check out my prenatal sequences on you tube:

And check out the calmbirth weekend also, it is life changing, and will help you enormously to create the most wonderful, positive birth experience.

Lauren xx