Why you DON’T want to be a supermum!

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Why you DON’T want to be a supermum!


I love mothers!

In my work and play I am surrounded by mothers, many of my friends are mothers, I write for mothers, teach mothers, and I have the absolute privilege of being with a woman as she transitions from being maiden to mother, during labour & birth.

I understand many of the challenges that mothers are facing today, as I face them myself.

Becoming a mother was the most transformational experience of my entire life! It defined the path that I would take…both personally and professionally.

I am completely, totally, 100% passionate about supporting mothers and pregnant woman, helping them to feel confident, prepared, relaxed and connected to their inner life.


Mothers are the heart of our families, they are the great nurturers, healers, and comforters. They are the glue that so often binds us together.


If mothers are overwhelmed and not nourishing themselves, if they are busy and depleted, what is the knock on effect? They suffer and their families suffer. You cannot give what you do not have.


This is why I find myself tapping this out, I’ve felt for a long time, individually and collectively, that there is this ‘SUPERMUM’ epidemic raging. It’s both fascinating to me and deeply concerning.

The need to DO everything, and do it perfectly, work, look after family, cook, clean and be the perfect partner, wife, mother & friend.

We are living fast lives, much faster than even our parents did, and worlds apart form how our grandparents lived. Gone are the slow paced days without technology, TV, phones or computers.

Now we must create time where we are ‘unplugged’, consciously coming back home to ourselves, taking the time to nourish ourselves, listening once again to our inner voice, which is easily lost if you’re not vigilant about hearing it.

Coming home to yourself each and everyday helps to let go of this controlling need to DO, and do everything! You can clearly see that being a ‘SUPERMUM’ is insanity, and not to be aspired to. It pulls you out of your life, and away from your souls calling.


When you practice coming back home to yourself, you can BE.

Be in the moment, in your breath, in the eyes of your beloved, in the giggle of your child.


BE, and the world slows down, it expands and stretches, it softens and you soften, listening to the calling of your soul, rather that the demands of your ego and the collective craziness.


Here are the ways that I come back to myself each and every day. I make it a priority to connect with myself, because I know that if I don’t, I can’t connect with anyone else very well either, I get depleted, cranky and find it hard to have anything else left to give my family. I want to not only be nourished but I desire to be the nourisher.


  1. Set a morning intention – Simply ask yourself each and every morning, ‘How do I want to feel today?’ Do it as soon as you wake up, and listen to your soul, listen to your inner voice first, rather than your ego.


  1. Mindfulness practices – Each day, move with mindfulness. As you brush your teeth, wash your hair, take your shower, make your child’s lunch, walk to the bus stop, drive your car, peel your vegetables, drink your morning tea or coffee. Take pleasure in these simple things, create space in your mind, give your full attention to what you are doing, eating, drinking or saying. It will open up a world of joy.


  1. Ask for help, guidance or physical help – Ask often. If I find myself reacting, going into my head and my thoughts are not loving, but stressful and overwhelming, I ask for guidance. I ask my intuition, I ask GOD, GODDESS , spirit and my angels. You can ask whoever resonates with you, but ask! Please help me to see this situation differently. Please restore my thoughts to love. Please help me to release this thought that is creating anxiety, I know this is not who I truly am, help me remove the blocks to the presence of love within me. Help me lean into joy. Ask for physical help and support also when you need it. There are so many people around you that want to help but sometimes they haven’t stepped forward because you haven’t asked. ASK.


  1. Simplify your life…MORE! – Do less, say NO more often. Cook meals that are simple and easy, then you have time to actually enjoy them. Turn off technology after a certain time at night, its incredibly demanding on your nervous system, to be so overloaded with images, ideas, impressions and going’s on of 1000’s of other people on facebook, instagram and what ever other social media platform you may be viewing. Read a book instead, put your feet up, light a candle, sip some herbal tea, go out into the night and look at the stars, take some deep breaths in nature, align with the season, go to bed early, rest.


  1. Listen to your soul – Each and every day, feel what moves you, what inspires you, what lights you up! What ever brings you joy, do more of that, lean into it, go seek it out. Every moment your soul is speaking to you, guiding you, pointing you in the right direction, LISTEN.


Do these practices each day and slow down, listen to your inner voice and begin to follow your bliss! You don not need to DO everything and you can’t anyway. You can do one thing at a time, that’s it! Do that one thing with love and presence and your life will change.

You deserve this…to live a life of joy and presence. It is your birth right to be inspired, passionate, joyful and abundant! This way of living is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself & your family, they will bask in your light and be lit up also.

So Be It!


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