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You can work with me in several different ways:



I teach weekly classes at my studio The LifePod located in Paddington within AriaPilates at Suite 4, 30-38 Victoria St Paddington and in Double Bay at The bay Room, 45 Bay St.

I offer 5 weekly prenatal classes and 2 General Hatha Flow classes.

On the first Saturday of each month I am offering a beautiful hour and a half class that combines yoga, spiritual coaching and relaxation.

Check the timetable for all classes and an up to date schedule.

Click here to my Yoga page & timetable: Yoga & Timetable

My classes are $25 casual, $200 for a 10 class pass and $110 for a 5 class pass

Calmbirth Classes:


I teach the popular birth education course, calmbirth each month. This is a wonderful way for couples to prepare for their upcoming birth. Calmbirth will help you to feel confident, empowered, fearless, and excited. It will deepen your connection with your inner wisdom, help you to let go of the fears and doubts you may be carrying, develop your understanding and equip you both with the skills necessary to birth your baby gently and joyfully.

I know from having birthed my son, and having supported many women as a doula that birth is something that we need to prepare for, its not a ‘see how I go on the day’, kind of thing.

I would love to work with you and support you through this experience.

Ready to create the birth you dream of? Book here calmbirth booking

Want to read more, click to my calmbirth page: More on calmbirth

My course is $500 including all materials.

Private Birth Support and calmbirth refreshers:


I offer private birth support sessions, exclusively designed around your personal needs and requests and held in the privacy and comfort of your own home or via skype.

I will take you through the main topics of preparation and teach you the vital skills that will help you both enormously to feel confident, relaxed and ready.

Areas of discussion may also range from the role of your partner to your birth plan, stages of labour to breathing techniques & active birth positions.

I whole heartedly believe in empowering couples with the right information and skills in order to create together a positive and relaxed birth experience. Bring back the celebration and joy in birthing a baby, move toward your babies birth feeling relaxed and ready.

My rates are $300 for a 2-3 hour session.

You will also receive ongoing email support and a booklet outlining everything we discuss.

Find out more here: More on pre and postnatal care

Spiritual Coaching:


I’m passionate about helping women reconnect with their inner wisdom, with their true self and with their passion for lie!

Let me ask you this….are you always feeling busy? Overwhelmed? Not finding enough time for your self? Do you find you give, give, give and don’t allow yourself to receive? Are you always tired and aggitated?

Do you need some help to create an abundant, relaxed and present life filled with joy and spiritual connection?

If you’d like to fuel your passion for life, develop your spiritual practices, become more relaxed and joyful, create a strong and loving inner connection, increase your energy levels, and become clear, passionate and willing to step into your life fully…you have come to the right place!

It’s all possible, with a little guidance, some time out, space to be heard, to laugh and cry, move and breathe you can make the changes you want to make and heal what needs to be healed. Take this time, YOU DESERVE IT!

I am currently offering 3 sessions for $450. This is a limited offer for March and April 2017.

Read more in my blog: My Blog filled with coaching tips


Doula services:


I am honoured to work as a doula! It is where I feel most at home and is without a doubt my ultimate calling, to be with women during birth.

I offer women and their partners physical and emotional support and guidance throughout pregnancy and am with them from the the beginning of labour right through until after the first feed, or thereabouts. Included in my services is birth education, guidance on how to prepare, emotional and spiritual support and really anything that arises that needs to be addressed, healed and worked through.

I include 2 prenatal home visits and 1 postnatal home visit, plus being on call 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after babies due date. I help to navigate the many options that arise and am a close and trusted support throughout, bringing comfort and reassurance to the mother and her partner. I have worked as a doula for over 8 years and am passionate about creating this sacred continuity of care for mothers and their partners and their babies.

I trust in women’s ability to birth, and I believe that being supported and held in a sacred space creates wonderfully positive birth experiences.

Here is what a recent doula client had to say…

I met Lauren during my pregnancy when I found her prenatal classes at The Lifepod. My husband & I attended her ‘Prenatal Yoga couples class’ & both loved her approach. She offered many different ways that we could support each other during labour, as well as through pregnancy. From this we decided to ask if she would be our doula.

This pregnancy would be our second birth so we knew what was coming but didn’t know what to expect.

Lauren was a reassuring embrace for my husband & I during my labour; warm, nurturing & supportive. Like in an embrace she held us together & made us strong together. She was the support we both needed to make our labour an experience that was so special.

Lauren exceeded all my ideas of what what her role would be, as she does in each of her yoga classes & roles she undertakes at The Lifepod. Her personal touch to all she does is not only authentic & professional but heartfelt & like no other that I have experienced.

I cannot recommend enough pursuing the experience you hope to engage in with Lauren. You will not regret it & you will not have another opportunity like that which Lauren offers.

– Monique Blackwell

Please contact me for my rates and to discuss availability.

Please email me directly with any interest or questions: