How do you listen to the calling of your soul?

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How do you listen to the calling of your soul?


The calling of my soul….

Just thinking of this makes me happy! I want to hear the calling of my soul, don’t you??

I absolutely want to know what my soul purpose is, I want to align with what lights me up!


YES PLEASE! A thousand times yes!


What I’ve discovered over the years is that this process of listening to my soul isn’t hard or tricky, it’s not something that only a few people have the privilege of knowing how to do, not at all! Its simple, it’s easy, it just takes commitment, practice, dedication, and a whole heap of TRUST. It requires you to turn down the volume of the outer world and turn up the volume on your inner world.


It’s a daily practice of coming home to yourself and it will change your life, literally!


When I reflect on my life, I’ve had a real mix between living with my intuition leading and being over run by my fearful ego mind. I certainly know which has turned out best for me, needless to say, more and more I desire to align with love, to lean into joy and to receive the miracles that come when I live with a loving mindset.


I don’t want to live to please other people, or say yes to things when my heart is crying NO! I don’t want to feel exhausted and still say yes to the 5 events that I stupidly committed to. I want to live by my gut, by my heart and by my intuition that always has either a clear YES or a NO about anything.


I want to trust myself!

I want to live SIMPLY, be present for my son, my husband, my family, business and students.

More than anything I want to enjoy my life!


The only reason I’m writing about this is because it’s exactly what I’m working on right now, I haven’t mastered it, I’m not an expert, I’m simply sharing what is working for me in the hope that you will find something here that resonates with you and your soul sings a big YES PLEASE!


So, I don’t have a step by step plan to give you, instead I have one piece of very important advice…and I know it works!


 Be still and make space every single day 


If you can find 5 minutes in the morning, afternoon, or evening, whenever you can get it, and dedicate this space to listening to your inner voice, you will change your life and the way you live it.


I know for busy working women and especially mothers it can seem like a struggle to get any time at all, certainly when our babies are young, but believe me, you have 5 minutes every day. You have 20 minutes every day, but begin with 5.


Sit quietly, breathe in for a count of 4-5 and out for a count of 4-5 or simply slow your breathing down. Your breath is the doorway that will lead you directly to your inner teacher. Place your hand over your heart….

Listen and be open to receive whatever feelings, ideas, inspiration, messages, or sensations arise, breathe into them all. Try not to judge and analyse, instead witness yourself with loving compassion. You are aligning with source energy and connecting with your deep self.

Ask your inner teacher..‘What guidance do I need to hear right now?’

Then listen, and if you have time journal, simply write your stream of consciousness, without editing yourself.


That’s it. You can make your space sacred by lighting a candle, smudging or burning incense, using crystals or flowers, however, equally as beneficial is doing this on a park bench, in the shower, holding your babe in your arms, sitting at your desk and closing your eyes, or as you lay down to rest your body.


The more you do this, the more you will find time to repeat! You’ll do it while you’re sipping your morning tea, as you lay in bed at the end of the day, while you ‘wait’ in line at the supermarket, while you lay in a dreamy warm bath or take a slow walk in nature. You will begin to see that your life opens up the space for that which nourishes you deeply, and aligns you with your soul.


Listen lovingly to your self, there is no one like you in all of the world, there never will be, and never has been.

You are part of the magnificent whole and a unique shining light within the whole, and the world needs your particular kind of radiant energy.


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Lauren xx