FEEL exactly the way you desire…live from your heart x

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FEEL exactly the way you desire…live from your heart x

Here a few questions I’ve been pondering recently and thought they could be helpful for you too.

Is it time to re-calibrate? To look at life from a new perspective?
Are you living in connection with your heart… to what lights you up?
Is your intuition guiding the way?

Personally, I need to re-calibrate often!
I absolutely want to live with my deeper self guiding the way & I’m beginning to FULLY understand that our precious hearts hold our unique gifts…..our purpose and our special light…
The light that YOU need to bring to the world, the light and wisdom that this world NEEDS…
So here’s the thing…
in order to connect with our hearts, with our gorgeous light..we need to cut through the chatter of the mind, the obstacles, the debris, the negativity, the endless stream of thoughts that prevent us from feeling the way we want to & living the way we desire.

And, as much as we need to be loving with ourselves, forgiving and understanding, we also need to be fierce and disciplined.

To have the courage to say, ‘that’s enough!’. ‘I won’t accept this anymore’.
‘No more negative self talk, excuses, procrastination, crippling doubt, excrutiating comparisons, endless busyness and disconnection.’

We need conviction and courage to change the stories living within us, stories holding us back, making us feel small, tight, unworthy and unloved.

Consider for a moment….
What do you need to release, want to release?

What do you know, absolutely holds you back, makes you feel tight, anxious or reactive?

Is it a sense of lack, unworthiness, fear, doubt, or worry?

Take a moment…read these 4 steps, it will only take you a few minutes, and has the potential to change your life!
Remember, all change happens from within…

Feel into what’s intense for you right now, what’s feeling uncomfortable or even incredibly painful in your life. Allow yourself to go there, to feel those feelings. Imagine that you want to fill yourself with that feeling, and simply allow it to exist. Rather than pushing it away, lean into it, be brave!

NOW….breathe….breathe…breathe into it. This can be the hard part, so bring all your consciousness to it. Notice if you’re contracting, holding your breath, resisting, or trying to find the quickest way out of the experience. Stay with it. Stand in your fierce discipline and love of yourself. Remember, transformation is intense. It’s out of your comfort zone. Keep bringing your loving breath to the intensity, and more than anything, bring your WILLINGNESS to be with it.

Once you’ve managed to breathe through the intensity, begin to imagine how you want to feel. Create images and feelings of how you want to live & experience yourself in the world.

Then, breathe as you imagine these NEW images, as you feel into how you want to experience your life. Conscious breathes in and out, allowing yourself to relax as much as you can as you create this new feeling inside of you. As you relax, you’re letting yourself know that you’re safe, that these new images are safe and viable to manifest. You create new neural pathways, you change your energy, your vibration and therefore begin to attract the same energy and feeling.

When you’re relaxed you can LISTEN, truly listen and hear the deep calling from within. The craziness of the mind calms down and you have the opportunity to make the changes that you SO desire. You can call forth with power and presence, and begin to share your unique gifts that are so needed in the world.

This practice helps you to accept and surrender, release the old and call in the new. It creates an opportunity to re-calibrate. Set your course consciously, live consciously, from your heart and intuition.

I for one, really want this! I’m done with living small, living with lack and fear. I’m so ready to join together and support each other in our greatness, in our divine feminine power and love.

This is a wonderful ritual to practice at the New Moon each month. Releasing and receiving…

Please let me know if these practices are serving you or if you have any questions or suggestions on what you might like to hear more about. I’d LOVE to support you all more x

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By for now,
Lauren x