My love affair with Drumming

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My love affair with Drumming

My first weekend away studying with the School of Shamanic Womancraft involved making a frame drum.

Sounds reasonably simple, I mean how complex or profound could this really be?


Making my drum taught me so much, on so many levels. It was a life changing experience.

As my teacher and friend Talulah Gough from Making Sacred describes it….

“To make a Medicine Drum is to birth a sacred healing tool, connecting the body, spirit and Earth.
A Shamanic experience of healing your own birth through ceremony, connection and creation of your drum”.

Yep! This was big.

So many stories surfaced, so much became clear, so many holdings released and much healed. This is deep, profound, sacred work.

What I experienced was an understanding of my own birth imprint, how I lived this imprint in my daily life, as a mother, as a women in the world, in relationships, and in my deep core and inner world. I gained an understanding of myself that I definitely had not had prior to this.

What did this mean?

That I understood why I did things a certain way, why I had a tendency to react in certain ways, feel, see, hear and even love.

Consciousness is a wonderful thing…to be conscious of our subconscious patterning allows change, real change to take place in our lives.


You birth your drum, you make it from start to finish and then you nurture it, keep it safe and eventually…you play it.

This is where you’ll find a pathway into your deep inner world. Playing your drum or listening to a drum journey connects your beating heart with the beating heart of pachamama, Mother Earth. This Rhythmic beating provides you with an opportunity to experience teachings, visions, insights, relationships, guidance and healing.

It connects you with your divine feminine spirit. It connects You to You!

And, in a few weeks you too can experience this wonderful ceremony:

I am both honoured & excited to be assisting Talulah at her next drum making workshop.

If you feel called to experience this profound process I’d highly encourage you to do it with Talulah. She holds the most loving & warm space.

There are only a few places left!

Check out the details here: Medicine Drum Making Workshop

Remember if you’re a pregnant mama or mother already & feel passionate about creating a POSITIVE BIRTH experience or simply more ‘ME TIME’, click here to learn more about how I can support you.


With love,

Lauren x

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