Ilana Hamill

Ilana’s yoga journey began over 10 years ago and has transformed her way of life. In 2008 she completed her 360 hour registered level 1 hatha yoga teacher training in Australia and was lucky enough to study with some well known Australian yoga community teachers including Clive Sheridan, Sindar Kaur, Mark Breadner, Ana Davis and Christina Brown.

After falling pregnant with her son, her main passion now is teaching pre natal yoga and sharing with all expecting mummies the beautiful journey of creation. By creating a safe, supportive and nurturing environment, she hopes to encourage women to tap into their personal power, to trust in their bodies and their innate wisdom preparing them for childbirth and beyond.

Ilana draws on all the influences in her life to create dynamic, energetic, rejuvenating and fun flowing classes, believing deeply in the power of movement and breath. She encourages students to find joy and enjoyment in their practice rather than it feeling like a chore. Ilana’s own understanding of yoga is constantly evolving and her aim is to help people form their own relationship with a practice that will enable them to not only find greater peace of mind, but to also reach their full potential.