Vanessa Mitchell

Vanessa has been a yoga devotee for over 20 years. She came to realize the full spectrum of the emotional, spiritual and physical benefits of her yoga practice while living in NYC in the late 90’s. Working and living in such an amazing, energetic, non-stop city was at times enriching but also very depleting. Yoga taught Vanessa the importance of balance in life and the need for quiet moments to touch base with what was important to her. Inspired by her own teacher – a 72 year old graceful, strong and beautiful instructor, she was hooked for life!

I then trained as a Hatha Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor at the divine White Lotus in Santa Barbara California. My yoga journey continued through the pregnancy of our gorgeous twin boys and I loved those moments of connection with my babies and the calm yoga fostered in my pregnancy. My recovery post birth was definitely aided by my practice.

Since having the boys I have qualified as a pre-natal instructor and have recently launched a birth workshop business with my sister. Teaching yoga in the wonderful space at the Lifepod is a joy and the sense of community it fosters is fantastic.

I love to encourage and empower pregnant clients to be strong & calm, while forging a deeper connection with their babies and themselves as mothers.